Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Moment With Jesus

Light  January 8, 2016

It was my son Justin’s idea to lock the door, not that it was necessary.  We had barely closed our eyes and begun to pray when we saw Him sit down at the table with us.  For a time it was like we were part of two different places at once.  I could feel the chair I was sitting on and I could feel the table beneath my arms, yet we were no longer in our home.  The scenery behind Jesus was early evening and there were trees and flowering shrubs in the distance.  We were outside and He was sitting to my left.  He was wearing the most unpretentious, unassuming clothing that ever existed.  He appeared to be dressed as a simple, humble Sheppard.  We felt very comfortable sitting next to Him.

When the prayer was over Justin and I looked at each other with astonishment.  Were we just sitting at a table with Jesus?  Did we just share a joint vision? We began comparing notes.  Every detail I saw, Justin saw too. Exactly.


A vision of Christ does not go unanswered by Satan.  There must be opposition

I’ve had my share of dealings with Dark beings over the years.  They were nothing compared to the entity we encountered next.  It was not Satan but this spirit was Dark and powerful.  I tried casting him out the way I was taught in the LDS temple.  That had exactly zero effect, in fact, I thought I could hear him laughing within.  I asked him to sit down and talk for a while.  He said nothing.  I asked his name.  Still no reply.   I thought, well, if you’re not going to be productive, it’s time for you to go.  We prayed and asked God to close the door through which this Dark spirit came.  Immediately he was gone.  He was no sooner gone when we found ourselves inundated with the Sweet Spirit of Christ from head to toe.  It was such a blessed relief.

Love for All

Can you reason with a Dark spirit?  Can you persuade him to come to the Light? We felt love for this being.  After all, he is a creation of God too.  I hope next time we can have a dialogue. 

Three Sounds from Heaven

Just before locking the door to pray I heard a sound that I could not identify. It seemed to be coming from above to my left.  I asked Justin if he heard it too.  He did not.  Then it sounded a second time.  This time Justin heard it.  It was a long, steady sound followed by silence.  Then it sounded a third time with exact tone, frequency and duration as the two previous times.  Justin and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.  At that time we had no idea what instrument made the sound or where it came from but the fact is, we both heard it.  After that we began to pray.  Then we saw Jesus.

I have since received several reasons for the three sounds.  One of which is to get our attention.  Job done.  Another is that God is reaching down Three Degrees from the Celestial World to connect with us in the Telestial sphere. Also, Heaven is about to make contact with with Earth.  It happens so infrequently that the Hosts of Heaven are summoned to watch. Their attention is called in the same way ours is.  

Two Witnesses

I’m extremely happy this event took place with a second witness.  Without this second witness we might be prone to dismiss the vision as something we imagined.  It clearly wasn’t.
A Pattern

Joseph Smith was attacked by a Dark being just prior to seeing God (JSH 1:16).  Moses saw Satan just after speaking with God face to face (Moses 1:13-22).  Even Jesus was tempted by Satan after fasting in the wilderness for forty days (Matthew 4; Luke 4).  

Dark to know the Light, good to know bad, sweet to understand bitter. There truly is opposition in all things.  That evening we beheld both.

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  1. Fascinating. I attempted to read this post yesterday but couldn't finish, and didn't know why. I was reading in a book today where I disagreed with the author, and posed the same questions you have about the reasoning and agency of dark entities. I don't have the answer, but coming back just now and being able to finish the post, I find the timing of reading this pretty awesome.

    What a beautiful experience this was, and how cool that you had two witnesses. Last week I was read to Ether 5, and it discusses witnesses, but for the first time I read it differently than I had been trained to read it over the years. My eyes were opened to understand, and the concept of witnesses was absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this!